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This interactive product helps calm nerves when presenting. It does this in two ways:

  • A calming voice telling you to breathe

  • Something for your hand to fidget with


How it works


Speaker Help can be installed on a desk of a wheelchair in the case of our participant. Then he can do the following things: 

The user can push a button to activiate a calming voice message

Squeeze a grip to help with hand spasms


This product is not restricting the participant: It is completely voluntary. 

Simple in use

This product is simple in use and there is no extensive knowledge necessary. 

Relaxes hands 

The handles occupy the hands of the users. 

Matching design 

The style of the product is in style with the electric wheelchair that our participant uses. 

Gives a pause to breathe

The calming voice message relaxes the user and can be played at any moment. 

Works via bluetooth 

The earpiece is connected to the button via bluetooth. Therefore, there are no cables in the way.  

Designing for Specific Users 


Project Design for Specific Users paired groups with users, all of whom face some disability that impacts their daily life. Groups were tasked with designing a product that would aid these users in overcoming an issue posed by the disability, using co-design methods throughout the design process. This participatory design process would allow the end-user to be as involved as possible with the creation of the product.  


Our group was assigned to a participant with cerebral palsy, whose disability has meant that he is not able to walk, confining him to a wheelchair. Furthermore, he has difficulties with speech production and struggles with muscle spasms, which reduces the amount of control the participant has over his arms. In practice, this means that his arms often move upwards while speaking, in many cases covering his face, making him harder to understand. This, combined with the speech issues, causes significant difficulty in communication. More on the design challenge and how we got to the end result can be found on this website.

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